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Staff Directory

Student Support Services

Name Position Email  Extention
John Downing (T, W) Adaptive P.E. Teacher [email protected] MPR
Denise Dawson
Art and Computer Science [email protected] Innovation Station
Cindy Kiehl
(M, T, W, F)
IMPACT [email protected]  
Angie Serrano Choral Music   MPR
Melanie Miller-Himmel
(M, T, W)
Occupational Therapist [email protected] x 3157
Melida Rhoades
(M. F)
Occupational Therapist [email protected] x 3157
Megan Cotterell Psychologist [email protected] x 3152
TBD Science   x 3119
Jackie Rizzo Speech Pathologist [email protected] x 3126
Joceylne Teeter
(M, T, Th, F)
Speech Pathologist [email protected] x 3126
Madison Nash Counselor [email protected] x 3153
Chase Fraser Physical Education [email protected] N/A
Patricia Van Sickel (M,T, W, TH) ELL [email protected] x 3154
Gwen Suennen Deaf and Hard of Hearing [email protected]  
Perla Villegas Food Services   x 3164