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Parking Lot Rules

Hello CVES Families! We hope you had a fantastic first day of school. We sure did! As with anything we do at Canyon View, we take pride in refining our protocols to ensure the safety for all of our students, families, and staff. 


General Safety Rules

  • Please remember NO hand-held devices while driving in the parking lot.
  • Please refrain from smoking in cars while on campus. 
  • For your safety, never cross in between cars in the drop off lane. 
  • Unless you have a placard/plate on your car, do not park or pull into a handicapped spot.
  • All students must be picked up from the curb.
  • DO NOT Drop off or PICK UP students in the middle of the parking lot.
  • Students MUST exit and enter vehicles on curbside ONLY in the drop-off lane.
  • CVES Parking lot is closed for community parking.
  • Those with special needs assistance should consult their teachers for assistance with pick up and drop off.
  • All TK and Kindergarteners will access the main gates. 
  • Please to practice courteous driving habits and behavior in our parking lot. 


Arrival in the Morning

  • To limit congestion in the parking lot, we encourage families to please drive through the drop off lane (follow the perimeter of the parking lot) to drop off your child. This keeps the traffic moving smoothly. Please do not park and exit your vehicles whenever possible. 

  • Students can be dropped off beginning at 8:20 AM. They can walk to their grade level playground to wait for the bell to ring. Supervision is provided beginning at 8:20 AM.

  • Please refrain from using the crosswalk. This slows cars down and causes delays. If you walk your child, use the perimeter sidewalks and walk around the parking lot. Drop them off at the designated WALKER area, shown in the images below.

  • Please refrain from congregating in front of the school to allow our arrival process to flow smoothly. 

  • Please have all students practice buckling/unbuckling their own seatbelts, as well as exiting and entering their vehicles from the passenger side closest to the curb. 


End of Day Pick Up

  • If you use our carpool pick up lane, please follow the perimeter of the parking lot. Please do not leave get out of your car or leave your car unattended.​
  • ONLY TK and Kindergarten families may park in the lot to pick up their children at the gate. This allows proper supervision for our littlest learners, as well as helps with congestion on Adolphia. Be sure to follow all guidelines when using the crosswalk. All other grades must utilize our carpool pick up lane after school. 
  • Be sure to create a sign for your windshield to expedite our dismissal. It should contain your child’s name, teacher, and grade. Please display it on the passenger side of your windshield.
  • Siblings will meet and wait at the youngest sibling's line up area. 
  • Please refrain from parking in the designated bus areas. See image below.

    • If you have a child who is a walker, please email your teacher and let them know. Walkers will walk to our designated meeting spots for parents to pick them up. Please meet your walker at the following two locations to pick them up, instead of in front of the school. One is near the Kindergarten playground. The other is the giant tree near the top of the hill. If you have concerns, please email your classroom teacher. Please see images below.

 Meet Walkers here Meet walkers here buses only