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Canyon View Elementary School Diversity & Inclusion Commitment Statement

At Canyon View, we believe that academic excellence depends not only on a diverse body of students, families, and faculty but, of equal importance, affirming and engaging the perspectives and backgrounds within our community. Therefore, our ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion work aims for each and every child and adult to be heard, seen, and valued. These efforts cultivate belonging and are at the heart of our mission.

To fulfill this mission, we acknowledge our need to continue our learning, to strengthen this commitment and our practices, every day. This statement therefore reflects not only who we are but also who we seek to become as a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school community. Please join us in this essential, shared work.

Canyon View Elementary School Diversity & Inclusion Statement:
At Canyon View we celebrate diversity, cultivate inclusion, and prepare to change the world. 

We believe a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school community is critical for preparing students to participate in a complex, pluralistic, and interconnected society.

We respect that humans are complex and our community members have multiple identities: among them race, age, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, family composition, ability/disability, learning styles, religion, sexuality, and socio-economic status. By engaging in this exploration of identity, culture, and systems that advantage some and disadvantage others, Canyon View aspires for all members of our community – students, parents, caregivers, faculty, staff – to develop a sense of belonging and for our graduates to bring about positive change in the world.

In support of diversity, inclusion, and equity at Canyon View, we ask members of our community commit to:

  • Respect all
  • Trust each other to engage in difficult conversations
  • Share our unique stories and listen to others
  • Learn from different perspectives and experiences
  • Examine our biases and endeavor to overcome them
  • Foster belonging, connectedness, and safety
  • Invest in the personal growth of children and adults alike.

Canyon View acknowledges that our school was built on the traditional territory of the Kumeyaay people. For millennia, the Kumeyaay people have been a part of this land. This land has nourished, healed, protected, and embraced them for many generations in a relationship of balance and harmony. The CVES community acknowledges this legacy. We promote this balance and harmony. We find inspiration from this land; the land of the Kumeyaay.

Every Canyon View student takes the Coyote Pledge:
I promise to take care of myself
I promise to take care of my classmates
I promise to take care of my classroom
I promise to solve problems peacefully
I promise to not accept bad or negative behavior
When someone acts hurtfully, I will speak up.
-Together we can and will create an inclusive today and tomorrow! 

Our Coyote Way:
  • Be Kind
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Creative